Paulie's Little Bite of Italy came to be on October 20, 1991 by two local Italian brothers at the insistence of their mother.  In the smaller location next door where Sunset Bistro sits today, the brothers named their new restaurant "Little Bite of Italy."

For the next 2 years, the brothers served the Sun City community, which had been greatly deprived of good pizza.

In 1993, an Italian lady from Chicago named "Rosie" purchased the restaurant and brought her own touches.  The "Rosie Rolls" on today's menu date back to this 2nd owner. A few other current recipes originate from her as well.

In 1997, a couple purchased the establishment from Rosie and would hold onto it for a whopping 22 years. Bryan & Nancy had high hopes & expectations for Little Bite of Italy, and in 2000 made the move of relocating Litte Bite of Italy into it's current location that is considerably larger.  The space had been a real estate office for many years, so many internal adjustments needed to be made to accommodate a sizeable restaurant.

Little Bite of Italy indeed grew considerably under Bryan & Nancy's ownership where it also became a destination for weekend entertainment.